My life for photography

Luigi L. Silipo

My name is Luigi L. Silipo, I am a landscape and travel photographer and owner of I have several years of valuable experience in photography, dating back to old film age. Throughout my lifetime, I have traveled the world in search of the most beautiful landscapes and the culture of the places I’ve visited, nurturing my passion for photography. I established 10000photos to showcase my best work and help every young and upcoming photographers out there make the most out of the of photography.

10000photos has always been my vision since my early days as a photographer. I am grateful for the opportunity to share the wonders and myths of photography. Also, you get to feast your eyes on my best work yet. I still believe that every photo is worth to be shot.

Over the years, I have visited countries like Italy, Spain, UK, Belgium, Canada, U.S.A., Morocco and many others in search of some of the most beautiful landscapes. This is because I care about the quality of my work as every photographer should. Truth be told, any photographer can bring out the beauty in anything, it all begins with the passion. Being on is a great start, I offer some of the best industry tips as you follow my blogs.


I started my photography journey as a child, my father taught me on a Canon FTb QL which I still preserve as a fetish!!!. Since then it’s always been a passion, and I specialized in Landscape and travel photography. I established 10000photos to share my work and mainly show that photography has many myths that sometimes turn out not to be true. I write about photography because I want to share my experience and my findings about photography.


During the course of your journey with me, I hope to evolve how you think about photography. I also hope to know you and learn from your perspective. 10000photos is a place that gives the art of photography a voice and gives you the conviction to question it when you need clarity.