About me

Who I’m

My name is Luigi L. Silipo, I am a landscape and travel photographer and have several years of valuable experience in photography, dating back to old film age. Throughout my lifetime, I have traveled the world in search of the most beautiful landscapes and the culture of the places I’ve visited, nurturing my passion for photography. I established 10000photos to showcase my best work and help every photographer out there make the most out of photography.

What I do

10000photos has always been my vision since my early days as a photographer. I am grateful for the opportunity to share the wonders of photography and write about photography because I want to share my experience and my findings about this art. Over the years, I have visited countries like Italy, Spain, UK, Belgium, Canada, U.S.A., Morocco and many others in search of some of the most beautiful images.

How I do it

During the course of your journey with me, I hope to evolve how you think about photography. I also hope to know you and learn from your perspective. The Photography section is the foundation of my blog and the essence of 10000photos travel photography. I have been around the world and I seek to share my vision with you. 10000photos is a place that gives the art of photography a voice and gives you the conviction to question it when you need clarity.

That’s me