Use a tripod

The first basics of photographing fireworks is that you will need a tripod. You have to steady your camera for the long exposures from 2 to 10 seconds or more. That’s a must in order photograph firework trails. Another thing that can blur your photos is pressing the shutter release button, so a remote release is needed, whether a cable remote or smartphone will do the magic.

Basics of Photographing Fireworks 1


Choose the right lens

Secondly, concerning how to photograph fireworks, you will need a lens or two that will  give you a variety of framing options.  This depends on where you set up and what barriers are in your path, a zoom lens will enhance getting your composition right. It will give you variety: a telephoto focal length gives you the opportunity to compress city elements with the fireworks.  A wide-angle field of view will enable you to include different context in your framing.

Basics of Photographing Fireworks 2


Use the lowest possible ISO setting for your camera

Rudiments of Photographing Fireworks can be an intricate challenge from the viewpoint of camera settings. Placing your camera on a tripod enables you use the lowest ISO possible. This helps your camera capture as much light as possible, reducing noise and increasing dynamic range (check this image).

Shoot Raw

The next fundamental of photographing fireworks is to shoot Raw. This gives you more post-processing flexibility with reference to exposure of tones and colors of various tones, including white balance adjustment.  Exposure latitude and dynamic range are important when it comes to getting how to photograph fireworks. Fireworks are bright, so you don’t want to overexpose while the rest of the city and sky are dark. Touches of lingering blue color in the sky adds a nice edge to the snapshot. Bigger sensor cameras, with higher dynamic range, give you maximum flexibility if you shoot Raw. This technique of photographing fireworks enables you to recover colors in the bright fireworks, brighten dark blue tones in the sky and to set white balance perfectly to offset the warm colors of the fireworks and the blue colors of the sky.

Basics of Photographing Fireworks 3


Try different positioning

There are a few easy techniques of photographing fireworks you can try. Naturally, you might want to get close to the fireworks show. This can work well if your aim is to capture closeups of the fireworks. Aside that, try moving away from the show and use a telephoto lens to frame fireworks to give context to your photos.

The Human element

Final tip on basics of photographing fireworks is to ensure you get creative.  To apply this technique of photographing fireworks, give another view: capture the human element!

Basics of Photographing Fireworks 4



A core basic of photographing fireworks is to ensure not to shoot  boring shots .  Creatively turn your camera to 180 degrees and capture those watching. Endeavor to look for people displaying emotional response to the show. Obvious reaction of  most folks will be that they are enthralled by what they are watching. Try to capture those moments!!!