Cleaning and maintaining camera sensors

Cleaning and maintaining camera sensors, is key in digital photography for continuity in producing quality photos.  It is very frustrating for photographers to have a camera sensor that is full of specks of dust.   We can’t rule out the issue of dust on the camera sensor. This is one of the hazards of digital photography. For an outdoor photographer with a zoom lens or a photographer that changes lenses in the field, there is no way specks of dust will  not find a way onto your sensor often. Studio photographers are not left out in the nasty experience of a dirty sensor.

Cleaning and maintaining camera sensors 2

What is Sensor dust?

Cleaning and maintaining camera sensors 1

Before attempting the cleaning and maintenance of  your camera sensor, you should be aware that sensor dust are the particles that enter a camera and somehow finds its way to its sensor. This usually happens due to exposure of the camera sensor when removing the body cap or changing lenses.

Cultivate the habit of cleaning and maintaining your camera sensors

Cleaning and maintaining camera sensors 3

How does your Camera Sensor get dirty?

The apparent cause of a dirty camera sensor is ‘lack of care’. It is advisable to take off the lens in a clean environment that is not windy.  That way, you are assured of keeping the ‘insides’ of your camera dust free, for a reasonable length of time.

However, take note that any dust that gets into your camera during change of lens will eventually get to the sensor over time.  If you have a dirty sensor, take it to a professional camera sensor cleaning service for proper cleaning.   If you will rather ‘d.i.y’ the camera sensor cleaning, due to cost of giving it to a professional, you have to be ‘extremely’ careful so your bare fingers do not touch the surface of the camera sensor. As the effect of this will be far worse than the initial issue of dust particles.

Final Advice

As a photographer you might find cleaning and maintaining camera sensor at a professional service provider both time consuming and costly. So, you will have to clean your camera’s sensor often once you begin to notice those spots on your photos.


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