Color contrast in digital photography

Color contrast in digital photography make photos come alive. So, let’s research together, define color contrast in photography and explore the methods to make it reflect in our work.

Color contrast in digital photography 1The urge to add a unique edge to your photo leads us to the simplest trick in the book;  finding a way to make the color contrast of your composition stunning; contrasting colors that look good together is key. This is achievable by making use of bold and arresting colors but first, we need to have a good knowledge of color contrast in digital photography.

Color contrast in digital photography

Color contrast in digital photography 2

Color contrast is the measure of difference between tones in an image. It is also the scale of difference between black and white in your photos.  Contrasting colors enable you to differentiate between light and dark.  It adds dimension to your photos and makes it more engaging. It invites the viewer into the photos.

Balance between contrast and composition

The ‘model’ balance between contrast and composition depends on:

  1. The type of subject in the photo
  2. The lighting used
  3. The mood and feeling you intend to convey in your photo

A good application of color contrast to a particular photo may not be a perfect fit for another.   Creative eye and experience are necessary to decide this.  We can only attain this by constant practice!

Types of contrast

Tonal contrast

is the difference between the lightest part of the image and the darkest.

Color contrast in digital photography 2

Color contrast

Color contrast relates to color features and the way different colors can enhance or subdue one another.


Color contrast in digital photography 4



Here are some tips for effective execution in creating a perfect color contrast in digital photography:

Look for opposites

Reflect opposites in your composition that is, high color contrast combination.  Take for instance, a church scenery where everyone looks solemn and reflective adorned in conservative colors of different wears and amidst the congregation sits a brightly dressed subject with a sunny smile.  The high color contrast combo will definitely arrest the attention of your viewers, then the emotional opposition will add an extra tinge as well.

Take bold steps

 Black and white photography is common for color contrast shots.  However, if you want an obvious effect of color contrast in digital photography to add a special edge to your photos, experiment with action shots.


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