Digital Camera Cleaning And Maintenance Part 1

Digital camera  cleaning and maintenance is very critical and has direct impact on the value of production in digital photography.   Digital camera cleaning and maintenance is something many photographers do not do and this has costly eventualities.

Often times we  settle down after shooting, take out the memory card, and check out new images and forget all about maintenance of the tool used:  the camera.  Develop a maintenance culture!

If  photography is your passion, just the thought of the cost of the tools alone should drive you to ensure the general maintenance.  Also, the cleanliness of your photography kit is crucial and has a direct implication on the quality of images you will produce and how long your photography kit will last.

Digital Camera Cleaning and Maintenance – Lenses

 Digital Camera Cleaning And Maintenance Part 1 (1)

In digital camera care, it is important to take meticulous caution when cleaning the glass. This part of the camera  is what makes the lenses costly to repair or replace.  I advise that you use only fine tissue paper and alcohol solutions that are specifically for camera optics. Take note to clean the front and rear elements making use of a blower brush to remove dust as you would not want any form of accidental scrape across your camera lens.  You could also make use of a soft brush to clean in between the moving parts of the external barrel. This averts build up of dirt over a period of time thereby maintaining a smooth running operation. Ensure you clean the brush and replace it often in order not to end up smearing grease and dirt onto the lens.

Digital Camera Cleaning and Maintenance – Camera Sensor

Digital SLR sensor maintenance has drawn a lot of controversies as regards the ‘how to’, especially about  the gathering of dust.  If you are not sure on how to handle it,  patiently wait till the sensor dust is at a level it becomes unbearable, then get it professionally cleaned by a DSLR camera cleaning service. Damage of a sensor is quite costly hence, cleaning it by yourself takes meticulous caution.  While cleaning the sensor, if there is an accidental closure of  the shutter, the probability of damaging the mirror, shutter and sensor is high.

For correct Digital camera cleaning and maintenance, most DSLR have a ‘mirror up mode’ that sets the camera mirror and the shutter in cleaning mode. Hold the camera up in such a way that the sensor is turned downwards. Then make use of the blower to clean dust away from the sensor. Eventually, make use of a sensor cleaning kit for carefully removing the dust from the sensor. In a situation where the sensor is very dirty, request assistance to a professional DSLR cleaning service.

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