Fundamental Digital Camera Features (A)

Fundamental Digital Camera Features are what we will be focusing on in this write up.  Digital Photography is quite thrilling! However, it is important to be knowledgeable in the field so as to be excellently and creatively productive in the world of digital photography.

Meaning…. it is quite necessary for you to know the fundamental digital camera features. Are you ready? Let’s do this!!!


Removable Memory Card:

These vary widely in capacity.  All digital cameras save images to memory cards. It is a fundamental digital camera feature because as soon as you are out of space, it just takes a few seconds to put in an extra memory card. It is also a smooth ride transferring your images onto a computer.  All you need to do is remove the card and slide into your computer’s memory car reader. Simple an straight forward!

Fundamental Digital Camera Features (A) 1


A shaky hand cannot take a crisp clean photo. Even the steadiest  of hands can shake when clicking the shutter button and this can cause blurring streaks. Stabilization being another important digital camera characteristic, helps to produce sharp and crisp images, it stabilizes the images snapped. Most cameras give you the option of turning this feature on or off but it will be a very wise move to keep it on most of the times.

Burst Mode:

Burst Mode is another fantastic fundamental digital camera feature! This is because it allows you to take several shots in rapid succession… Wow!!! This is so you will not miss out a very crucial aspect of your action shot.  Thrilling! Isn’t it?  The rest time between taking each shot varies depending on the camera model.

Macro Mode:

Another important digital camera characteristic is to snap detailed close-ups, such as an insect on a flower. You have to make use of macro mode to focus within inches of your object. The level of close shots you can take varies from one camera to another. Hence, it is important that you read the literature before you buy.

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