Fundamental Digital Camera Features (B)

We will continue progressively on Fundamental Digital Camera Features.  The thrill in digital photography, you will agree with me, is quite infectious… Get set, as I draw you  further into the intriguing world of digital photography… wink.

There are more interesting  fundamental digital camera features that put digital photography at your fingertips. Follow me steadily into the enthralling world of digital photography.

Auto Focus :

Start by keeping your camera on auto focus.  Auto focus is by far better than manual focus for starting.

Fundamental Digital Camera Features (B) 1

Auto Exposure:

An important pointer to excellent photography is making sure to capture the right amount of light. This is what Auto Exposure does.  It decides for you regarding the important settings such as the shutter speed and f-stop.

Fundamental Digital Camera Features (B) 2

Focus-Assist Lamp:

A camera lens cannot focus in a dark room. Pressing the shutter halfway on many cameras produces a series of pre-flashes that give adequate lighting for a camera’s auto-function to work effectively.

Face Recognition:

This feature gives maximum exposure and focus for portraits or group shots.

Best-Shot Selector:

This is another intriguing feature. A camera  may show several versions of a shot using series of color or exposure settings. You have the opportunity of selecting the one you like the best.

Shooting Modes:

Most cameras have pre-set modes for shutter speed, f-stop and focus adequate for different scenery: sunset, fireworks or a starry night.


Fundamental Digital Camera Features (B) 3

Auto Correct:

For flexibility, an image’s exposure and color can be adjusted directly in camera.

Touch Screen:

You might not want to bother with buttons as touch screen controls might be quicker for you to use as you will either make use of your finger or a stylos.

There are also other interesting features you may decide to or not to use


Many camera have low-resolution video capability that is okay for the web.

Time Lapse:

This feature prepares up your camera for when set on a tripod to take a several shots of images over a set time.

Voice Recording:

This feature uses your camera to save conversations, memos about your photos or to capture the sound around you.

I believe you are still reveling in the intrigue broad beauty of digital photography!

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