Silky Smooth Water Photography

Our focal point is silky smooth water photography.  There is no limit to the different layers of intrigue in digital photography or is there? On that note, let us go on another exciting voyage on how to make water look silky in digital photography!

silky smooth water photography 1

Have you taken notice of landscape photography photos where water looks silky smooth?  Landscape photographers use this technique. It is quite interesting and you can attempt it while learning how to take photos of smooth water.

silky smooth water photography 2

Just follow these steps below and you are on your way:

  • Make use of Manual Mode

It is crucial that you work  with your camera in manual mode for this exercise. You will also make adjustments to your shutter speed as you calculate the settings that will give you the look you want. You also would not want your device’s auto mode to re-adjust your other settings. Work in RAW.

  • Shoot in RAW

The post processing is a major part of the work especially when it comes to  achieving perfect long exposure work; as there will be need to tweak and edit later on.

  • Set shutter to slow mode

Quality shots will be achieved if you are careful about the amount of light you let into your snap shots. You need to learn how to take slow shutter speed photos of water, this will allow your shutter to stay open for a while. This is crucial when capturing this silken look. Attempt something slower than 1/60th for amazing outcomes when learning how to take photos of smooth water (check this image)

  • Make use of a Tripod

The use of a tripod is an important addition in any sort of long exposure work. Taking shots of this sort, you need stability. The slightest shake of your hand or breeze could warp the goal of your silky smooth water photography.

Check this image to get an idea of what amazing results you can achieve!

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