How to use natural light outdoors (1)

In today’s write up, we will be talking about how to use natural light outdoors. This is another interesting aspect of digital photography…natural light photography with flash can be damaging. So let’s talk about how to use natural light alone.

There is no end to the intrigue in this field, come let’s make the most of this interesting and revealing journey into the digital photography world! This article is also useful as natural light fashion photography tips.

How to use natural light outdoors (1) 1

Photography is a two edged sword being both an art and science at the same time.

I want to emphasize the artistic beauty quality light gives to photographs. Most photographers use natural light photography with flash, disregarding its independent beauty.  Today we are focusing  on how to use natural light outdoors to boost the quality of our photos. In depth knowledge on how to make use of natural light is an important factor necessary in digital photography.  Obviously, without light, there are no photographs. Meaning, if you take snap shots of your subject in quality light, you are most definitely going to create an arresting art.

How to use natural light outdoors (1) 2

In making use of natural light outdoors, the ability to ‘see’ is paramount.

As a whole, identifying quality light is important. This simply means it is crucial to ‘see’ how light works and how it moves. This is a skill every serious photographer must possess.  Professional Photographers study light and use their studies to come up with natural light fashion photography tips and other forms of tips. They train overtime to see the subtle changes of shadows and brilliance cast from sunlight.

Therefore, shooting in natural light and paying more attention to light is the most important step you can take to improve your photography. Different types of natural light can also produce a variety of subject appearances.  Even though they all have the same light source. It is crucial to note that there are sole qualities of lighting to each particular time of the day and weather.  Meaning you need to learn how to achieve the right lighting for your subject.

In learning how to use natural light outdoors, there are three factors that influence how natural light renders a subject:

  • Time of  the day
  • Direction of the camera
  • Weather

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