Learning to see creatively in digital photography

Learning to see creatively in digital photography means seeing things differently.

A personal visual opinion rather than a general view point. The initial first camera experience leads us to taking snapshots of almost everything around us from landmarks to people we know. This is a sure necessary part of learning experience in digital photography and after taking these pictures time after time, it is most likely boredom begins to set in.

The depth of our boredom will surely drive us to look further beyond the usual for our photographic subjects, hence pushing us to approach interpretation of these subjects in a uniquely different way. Often enough we see people continually snap uninteresting pictures, till it  becomes natural to them.

Learning to see creatively in digital photography 2

There is  a long time challenge that inhibits learning to see creatively in digital photography. The truth is that we all have pre-conceived ideas about how a thing should look. This gives birth to the snapshot we take. To learn to see creatively in digital photography, we must do away with these pre-conceptions and begin to view things with a child’s innocence.  Play with ideas:

  • What would a worm see if it looked up?
  • Show things how they are not normally viewed.
  • Use light creatively, to show texture.
  • Give mood to or produce silhouetted shapes.
  • Take photos into the sun.
  • Take pictures while jumping in the air.
  • Place horizons where you want them to be etc.

Learning to see creatively in digital photography 1

After a while, creative vision is natural to you. And when this happens, you can focus on capturing the moment:

  • The peak of action.
  • A momentary glance.
  • Particular lighting conditions.

Learning to see creatively in digital photography and learning the rules of composition is key. Then see how many rules you can break while still conveying powerful messages through your images. Do your best not to focus on points of interest: focus on shape or form. Make up your mind on what emphasis you want to lay, what you want to communicate to the viewer.

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