Shades of Photography: The Art and Science of Photography

Do you know that ‘Photography’ is both a science and an art at the same time? And yes, the art and science of photography are both beautiful bodies of knowledge.

The dual nature of photography makes it quite interesting as it comes in different layers of folds to unravel.  We will focus on the different layers of the artistic relevance of Photography. The different shades.

the art and science of photography 3

The creative potentials in photography cannot be exhausted. Permit me to say here that due to flexibility of art embedded in photography, different hues can be derived from it. The art and science of photography are both conceived first in the human mind, before they translate into the masterpieces we see today.

Photography as an art is a rainbow of shades and gets you drawn into a world of inexhaustible possibilities!!!

the art and science of photography 1

‘Fine Art Photography’

Is one of the shades of photography in which the graphics look like an art work. There is no limitation to the level of creativity that can be attained as this artistic impression can almost be equated with an artist’s drawing.

‘Still Life Photography’

Is another very creatively interesting shade of photography. The malleable nature of photography makes it intriguing! An amateur having the simple knowledge of these fascinating hues of photography will be captivated to unfold the different layers…  Still Life Photography is about taking pictures of objects that are grouped together to create a specific illusion. The Photographer must be brilliantly skilled in creatively grouping objects.

‘Aerial Photography’

Is creatively exciting! There is no single boring moment in this shade… as exciting as it is, it however needs a level of seriousness and of course, you must not be afraid of heights to get fantastic photo shots! As the shots must be taken from an elevated position like from a helicopter or the top of a high rise building… These photos are usually mind blowing! Believe me…

the art and science of photography 2

There are more engaging and entrancing shades of photography which we enthrall you in our next sequel, be assured that you can’t have enough!!!

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