Rim Lighting Definition in Photography

What is Rim Lighting Definition in Photography? what does rim light mean in photography? We will define the term ‘rim lighting’ then go further to explain what it entails in digital photography. Be assured that, this is yet another exciting field in the very broad field of digital photography.

A lot of people even go further to take rim light photography tutorial classes as it is a growing field of photography on its own. But fear not, even if you’re not taking rim light photography tutorial classes, this article will still guide you in the right direction.

Rim Lighting Definition in Photography 1

What does rim light mean in photography? Have you seen a photo in which the subject looks thinly silhouetted by an outline of powerful light?  In this type of photo, there is a thinly outlined glow surrounding the subject in your composition. This is rim lighting.  This is an intriguing technique to attempt to add a unique tinge to your photos.

Rim lighting tips

  • This approach helps you to perfect your lighting skills.  It also helps in the effort of making a subject pop against the background elements.  When attempting to create a rim lighting shot,  position yourself in such a way that the subject is between you and the source of light you are working with. For instance, if you want to create a rim lighting glow around a shot of a pet sitting on the lawn, you should be kneeling in front of the pet and the sun should be behind the pet’s back.
  • In order to create a unique rim lighting effect on your subject, there are certain times of the day that will give you better results of a rim-lighting effect and you need to get your rim lighting setup right.  It is advised that you go out when the sun is low in the sky. Attempting rim-light shot during the mid-day, when the sun is high is a no-no. The source of light (sun) is too bright? The lighting will be too harsh to create the gentle outlined glow required.
  • Be careful with the background scenery you are working with.  Rim Lighting definition in photography produces  better result if the background is dark. Hence, with reference to the pet sitting on a lawn,  consider having the pet where there are some hedges behind to get your rim lighting setup right.

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