Fronte del porto, Bellini Theater, Naples

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This gallery showcases some of my best shots taken during the rehearsal of the play of “Fronte del Porto” at the Bellini Theater of Naples, Italy. I hope you love my rehearsal pictures of Fronte del Porto. Italy is a beautiful country, from the high rises to the small houses around the country side. The play is a kind of play that draws everyone from all parts from Italy together. It is ever culturally relevant and is interesting for people of all ages, even the tourists usually want in on the action. You cant really blame them because its a pretty amazing play. There is something about well written plays that are so immersive, they just take you away from reality. Its really amazing to catch the actors, stage crew and technical experts all try to get in their elements and put forward the best show and leave audiences happy and wowed.

There have been times when I’ve seen pictures of plays even get the organizers more excited about a play than the actual play itself. This is because they remind the organizers of the amount of work they had to put into the success of the play itself and the thought that they were a part of that brings them joy. What are you waiting for? get your awesome cameras, find the nicest play near you and get the appropriate permissions. It will be one of the most amazing times in your career as a photographer. If you are on the other side of the coin and you are organizing a play, be sure to have a photographer around. Make sure he captures the setup, the rehearsals ans everything in between. The pictures will help you look back to figure out everything you did right, everything you did wrong, and reflect on the masterpiece that came it of it all just like my rehearsal pictures of Fronte del Porto

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