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10000Photos event photography gallery shows off my best event photography pictures. Events are a part of life, and humans are also a part of life. Everyone loves to capture the best parts of life for so many reasons. For some, it could be to put in a frame, and for others, it could be for publicity. Either way, at times like those, photographers are people’s best friends. They are the ones everyone pulls in to take a picture of them and make sure they look good in every single one of them. Events are a way people make certain celebrations memorable and pictures make them even better.

Over the course of my career, I have been invited to so many events that I have had to turn down many of them because there is only one me and I could only attend so many. Sometimes, I always just wanted to attend as a guest, and not a photographer. Nonetheless, one thing is always certain, events always left me with great pictures and that is the essence of this gallery; to showcase some of the best event photography of my career. I have attended various events from all around the world, journeying to different cultures to see how they put their celebrations into context.

It takes some skill to take the right kind of pictures during the day. A lot of things always seem to be happening at the same time and its easy for even the best photographers to get carried away by all the activity. The secret is to remain conscious about what is important, not the activity but what is important to the client or the people who will eventually make use of the pictures. Your obligation is to them as a professional, not the many things going on around you. If you can learn to do this, your shots will always be amazing to those who they are intended. I hope you enjoy my 10000Photos event photography gallery and learn from it as well.

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