Digital Cameras versus Phone Cameras

Digital cameras versus phone cameras 2        Digital cameras versus phone cameras 3

Digital Cameras vs Phone Cameras… this is an intriguing comparison or what do you think? Each camera has its value dependent on what you want to achieve. Hence, there is need to differentiate between the two camera types, highlighting their uses and products.

A camera phone is a mobile phone which is able to capture photographs and record videos using in-built digital cameras.  It is worthy of note here, to say that most camera phones are much simpler than digital cameras.

Hey! anyone will grab the opportunity of being in control of images taken with smartphones. Constant progress in technology has put photography at our finger tips in the simplest of ways!

We can describe a Digital Camera as a camera that uses electronics; a charge coupled device to store digital images in computer memory inside the camera.


Doing a random overview, it is quite obvious that with the rise of smartphones, you do not need to get a digital camera before having access to take photographs; one can as well say that being in possession of a smart phone, you carry a camera in your pocket.

Taking photos have never been more handy and convenient!  However, permit me to say here, that, the digital camera; the DSLR Camera, the Mirrorless Camera still remain the best choice for professional photography.


Sharing photos has never been more prompt and exciting! Smartphones connecting to the internet via wi-fi makes sharing photos quite easy.

Picture quality

Phone camera photographs can be stunning. However, digital cameras are more versatile because they function at their best even in extreme conditions like low lighting.   Larger sensors in digital cameras ensures quality image in all kinds of light.  The battery life of a digital camera is usually better and the flash is more powerful.






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