From Michigan to Souther Comfort – Part 3 – Texas, the “Lone star state”

Texas, also known as the “Lone Star State”, is a vast American state where the union between nature and urban landscapes is total. You will meet boundless expanses, bright colors, large open spaces, but also places rich in American history, cowboys, natural western movie sets. Finally, large herds of cattle, rodeos and picturesque villages cannot be missed in a road trip of the Lone star state. An unusual trip, not really common among European tourists.


In Houston we took a pleasant walk in the beautiful tree-lined park adjacent to the museum, Hermann Park, complete with a train ride that runs through much of the park. Not to be missed, a visit to the Johnson Space Center, not far from downtown Houston. Here you can retrace the various NASA space missions, touch moon rocks, admire authentic space shuttles, visit the control structures all dotted with activities that even children can try their hand at!

Deserted streets, Houston, TX, USA
Deserted streets, Houston, TX, USA – iPhone 13 Pro Max – iPhone 13 Pro Max back triple camera 9mm f/2.8 @ 9 mm – ¹⁄₁₀₀ sec @ ƒ / 2,8 – 100 ISO


Our journey continued to Galveston, an amazing piece of land that is right on the northern part of the Gulf of Mexico. Galveston with its beautiful and wide beaches, the colorful wooden houses, the many clubs, the wind and the sea always in motion, allowed us to take stock and recharge. The sea of ​​Galveston is not the top, as a bit throughout the Texas Gulf of Mexico, the water is not crystal clear, but it is still a pleasant destination, the beaches are sandy and very wide and thanks to the breeze the temperatures are always bearable. On the pier you will also find a nice Luna Park with restaurants and rides.

The gulf of Mexico from the beach, Galveston, TX, USA
The gulf of Mexico from the beach, Galveston, TX, USA – X-H1 – XF18-55mmF2.8-4 R LM OIS @ 22.3 mm – 4,0 sec @ ƒ / 13 – 200 ISO


Dallas is a lively city full of many interesting things to see. We visited the Sixth Floor Museum that recreates the environment in which President Kennedy was assassinated, with photographic and video exhibitions. Could not miss to conclude a visit to the Perot Museum of Nature and Science, a truly wonderful museum with many interactive activities for children, with more than 11 different areas. You can go from the remains of dinosaurs to rooms on atmospheric phenomena, with much of simulation of earthquakes and tornadoes, to the discovery of the human body.

The sixth floor building, Dallas, TX, USA
The sixth floor building, Dallas, TX, USA – NIKON Z 6 – NIKKOR Z 24-200mm f/4-6.3 VR @ 30 mm – ¹⁄₂₀₀₀ sec @ ƒ / 4,5 – 200 ISO

Wild Catter Ranch

Located in the beautiful Hill Country of North Texas, just minutes from Dallas and Fort Worth, the Wildcatter Ranch offers modern amenities with a touch of old-fashioned western charm. 40 km of trails await you to ride in groups on horseback, plus other activities including clay pigeon shooting, historical Jeep tours, archery and excursions. Unlike the cowboys of the past, however, you can round off your day with a therapeutic massage or immerse yourself in the infinity pool and whirlpool.

Longhorns at Wildcatter Ranch, Graham, TX, USA
Longhorns at Wildcatter Ranch, Graham, TX, USA – iPhone 13 Pro Max – iPhone 13 Pro Max back triple camera 5.7mm f/1.5 @ 5.7 mm – ¹⁄₆₂₀ sec @ ƒ / 1,5 – 50 ISO

Final thoughts

Our trip to Texas was definitively an incredible one. Vast landscapes, amazing city skylines and a touch of the “old wild west” lifestyle. If you want to see more of the images of my last trip to USA, check the galleries here.

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