How to shoot fashion photography: Things to consider

Shooting fashion photography entails a lot!  This article on how to shoot fashion photography will outline what you need to know.

How to shoot fashion photography: Things to consider 2


Beginning from developing a style that is uniquely yours; then creating a portfolio that reflects it.  In each fashion shoot, you are telling a story; your story!  Your voice is being heard out there through the story you are telling through your fashion shoot.

In order to achieve these, there are important elements to consider:

  1. Organize a list  of  the shoot process before the shoot. Then practice the style and composition for each shot in your mind.
  2. Prepare the location, props and clothes ahead of time.  For an effective shoot, it is crucial to communicate your plans and goals.  How to shoot fashion photography: Things to consider 3
  3. Your direction of your models should communicate absolute confidence. This in turn makes the models relaxed and confident too!
  4. Remember, fashion photography celebrates beauty and clothes, so you need to put the elements of your scene and the model together to communicate your story.How to shoot fashion photography: Things to consider 4
  5. A studio is ideal to do a fashion shoot because photographers can easily control lighting and manipulate conditions.  Remember to meter all areas of the scene in the studio to avoid unwanted shadows.  It is also advisable to use of a separate light meter instead of the one in your camera for accurate reading.How to shoot fashion photography: Things to consider 5
  6. Just in case you can’t afford hiring a professional studio and pricey equipment, you can use your home. Clear a room with large windows.  Peg a white sheet across the window.
  7.  Take note that to shoot in low light or into the sun, you will need an extra light source.
  8.  Props help you tell your story in a fashion shoot. So, make sure you have it altogether.
  9. Location is key.  Getting the right location is important to communicate your story.  For example if the clothing and beauty styling is provocative an urban setting will be just ideal.
  10. Move around the scene and explore which angles that work best to fully expose the clothing. Fashion Finally,  to you will need help, get someone to assist in positioning reflectors or the lighting equipment. Take the bold step!

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