Sunset Time Lapse Photography Tips (2)

Sunset time lapse photography tips, this is the sequel.  Let us journey together to the end of this exciting  digital photography lane!  In the first part of this series, I shared with you some Sunset time lapse photography tips. Photographers always want to do justice to their sunset photo shoot model and that is the essence of this article. I’ll share more tips in this sequel.

Here are more tips on Sunset time lapse photography:

Modify the white Balance

Modify the white balance to “shade”. This will bring about beautiful golden tones out of an uninteresting scenery of sunset.


Before the sun goes below the horizon, it will be creatively nice to consider snapping in HDR in order to capture most of the dynamic range (check this image).

Wait for the right moment

In taking great sunset photos, it is important to be patient in order to capture great scenery. Wait for the right clouds!  A partly cloudy day with spotty clouds are fabulous (check this image).

sunset time lapse photography tips (2)

Try panoramas

Consider shooting panoramas to contrast the sunset colors with the other colors of the sky and bring ideas for sunset photography to life, especially when doing sunset field photo shoot.

Reduce your lens aperture

For time lapse photography sunset time settings, reduce your lens aperture to a high value. This will make the rays of the sun clearer and give the sun a starburst effect (check this image).

sunset time lapse photography tips 1

Use the weather at your advantage

Captivating time lapse photography sunsets happen to surface on the evening of a rainy day. If  you are observant, you will notice the clouds begin to break up around sunset. What a great sight to capture!

Use Fill flash

To shoot a portrait of someone standing in front of a sunset, ensure you make use of a little flash. Otherwise, the face will look dark and muddy, and ruin your ideas for sunset photography.

Use Telephoto lenses

To make the sun look large in the sunset, make use of a telephoto lens. Also, to make the sun look small in the scene, use wide-angle lens to bring your ideas for sunset photography to life (check this image).

Change your style

Never forget to change the style of your picture. This can be done later, if you shoot in RAW. Manual settings for sunset photography are important (check this image).

Use nature at your advantage

A few flying birds in the sky will really add intrigue and unique edge to a landscape giving the time lapse sunset photography an unparalleled boost.


sunset time lapse photography tips
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