Photography Myths Demystified: Part 2

Being the concluding the part of Photography Myths Demystified: Part 1, I recommend that if you haven’t read the first article, you should read that by clicking here before reading this one. We will continue the series on demystifying myths about photography.

Myth 3 –  Avoid Shooting in Bad Lighting

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First things first, there is no such thing as bad lighting.  So far there is source of light, there is always the chance to take good pictures. Don’t limit yourself to shooting when there is flooding light.  It is quite important that you are able to make the most of the light available.  This is a skill a photographer should have: the skill to be able to capture photos in different lighting situations.

Myth 4 – Keep the Horizon Line Straight Always

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Keep the horizon straight for landscape photography, however in some cases, tilting the camera to make the horizon appear diagonal can result in unique image which passes across a thrilling effect.  Some compositions can actually benefit from slightly tilting the camera. Using this method sometimes adds a sense of energy to an image.

Myth 5 – Don’t Ever Shoot Into the Sun

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If you shoot portraits, it’s generally better to shoot with the sun at your back.  This is because your subjects will appear equally lit with few or no shadows. But do you know that making daring moves can result in astoundingly beautiful photos? In some cases, shooting into the sun can produce exceptional images.

Myth 6 – Fantastic Photographers Don’t Make Use of the On-Camera Flash

Photography Myths Demystified 8

It is true in some cases that the on-camera flash could produce some awful results; however, it could also be a life saver.  The key is knowing when and how to use it.  Conditions when the on-camera flash can come in useful is using it as a fill flash when shooting in a sunny scenery.

Myth 7 – Avoid Post Processing Your Photos

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Some believe that post processing should be avoided while others would post process every image. The fact is, the best option lies in the middle. Post processing images in Lightroom or Photoshop can improve an image but will never allow you to boost a poorly composed photo. Most images require a touch of processing to upgrade in order for the image to look captivating.

Always have it at the back of your mind the aim of photography is not to follow set rules nor is it to do otherwise; the essence is to creatively craft unique and enthralling photos. As following rules can help you achieve this, at other times, the image might call for a different approach, away from the norm. Your focus should be on the image you are creating, hence, you should not find it difficult to break rules as the composition of your image requires!

Photography Myths Demystified 10

In conclusion, for you to have major photography myths demystified, you need to be patient enough to see through the facade of mainstream ideologies. A lot of photography myths still need to be debunked. I’d love to hear yours, let me know in the comment section below.

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