The Best Places for Photography on the Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast is a picture-postcard beautiful destination that also offers opportunities for producing some stunning landscape photography. While most Instagrammers will be looking for easily accessible and instantly recognizable destinations, in this guide I also provide suggestions for some more off-the-beaten track Amalfi Coast photography locations.


Classic Amalfi Coast shots can be produced within the town of Amalfi itself, with its cascade of stone houses spilling down the hillside, and numerous red and fuchsia bougainvilleas adding a touch of strong Mediterranean color to the scene.

Incredible views of Amalfi, the sea, and the overgrown ruins of what were once paper mills can be accessed by hiking to the Valle dei Mulini high above the town.


East of Amalfi lies Atrani, a small and relatively unspoiled town (at least by the standards of the Amalfi Coast). Incredible overhead views of both the sea and Atrani itself can be had from the rocky headlands above the town. More easily accessible views can be obtained from further along the coast road, looking back in the direction of Atrani, with Amalfi and the mountains behind.

However, undoubtedly the best vantage point for appreciating the beauty of Atrani is from out at sea, where it is revealed to be a compact and well-thought out little settlement flanked by a deep rocky ravine and the dramatically rising mountains that are so characteristic of this part of the world. That the town is best viewed from aboard a boat is hardly surprising though: roads are only a relatively recent introduction to the Amalfi Coast, and Atrani was built at a time when most people’s first impressions of the town would have been when arriving under sail.


It maybe somewhat over-subscribed these days, but Positano is still stunningly beautiful. The archetypal Amalfi seaside town, Positano just exudes classic charm; making you want to wear a white linen suit and wonder aimlessly between outdoor cafes and shaded gardens with a typewriter under you arm.

Indeed, probably the best place to shoot a truly atmospheric shot of Positano is from the terrace of one of its numerous bars, restaurants, or hotels. Otherwise, a view from the sea will allow you to capture the entire town in a single shot.

Unlike Atrani, though, it’s not even necessary to leave dry land in order to get dramatic front-on views of Positano. Just head down to the marina and point your camera back towards the town and you’ll be rewarded with a wide panorama of the beach and Positano’s classic cliffside architecture.

Praiano and Conca Dei Marini

Situated half way along the coast road between Amalfi and Positano are Praiano and Conca Dei Marini. The secluded beaches here – often with dramatic sheer cliffs on either side – make for a nice variation on the classic Amalfi Coast landscape photograph.

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The beautiful Praiano at night, Path of the gods, Campania, Italy – Sony ILCE-7RM2 – 70 mm – 30,0 sec a ƒ / 4,5 – 200 ISO

It’s also worth checking out some of the smaller terraced gardens and secret coves to be found dotted along this part of the coastline between the two towns


Perched high up on the cliffs overlooking the sea is the small town of Ravello, a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1997.

Probably the most iconic views to be had from here are those afforded by the gardens of Villa Rufolo. The classic shot being to include the belvedere’s lone Mediterranean pine in the foreground, with the coastline stretching off towards Salerno on the left, and the azure waters of the Mediterranean way down below.

Alternatively, Villa Cimbrone’s Terrazzo dell’lnfinito (the Terrace of Infinity) offers equally stunning views of the local area, and is well worth a visit in its own right for its exquisite gardens.


the most accessible part of the Amalfi Coast, Sorrento can easily be reached from Naples by train. Sorrento therefore makes a great setting-off point for travels exploring the peninsula.

While Sorrento lacks the dramatic craggy cliffs of the more famous southern Amalfi coast, it nonetheless offers many attractions to the photographic-minded visitor. Not least of which is the fact that only on this side of the cape can you easily shoot views looking out over the sea with the sun dipping below the horizon.

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The Eye in the Sky, sunset at Sorrento, Naples, Italy – Panasonic DMC-LX100 – 35 mm – ¹⁄₈₀₀ sec a ƒ / 8,0 – 200 ISO

The geography of Sorrento is quite distinct in itself though, and is best appreciated looking along the coast towards Pompeii, where the town is visibly protected by steep and unscalable sea cliffs. Alternatively, head up into the headlands above town and enjoy incredible views across Sorrento looking towards Naples and Vesuvius in the distance.

Sentiero degli Dei

The fact is that many of the best photographic views of the Amalfi Coast require a little more effort than just shuffling over to your hotel’s garden terrace, camera in hand. And for those willing to do a little walking, the Sentiero degli Dei (Path of the Gods) – a hiking trail high in the mountains above the coastline – offers unparalleled sea and landscape photography opportunities.

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Stunning night view of Positano from The path of the gods, Campania, Italy – Sony ILCE-7RM2 – 16 mm – 30,0 sec a ƒ / 8,0 – 800 ISO

Ride a bus up to Bomerano, and then follow the winding path on foot as it takes in eagle-eye views of Praiano and other seafront towns below, finally arriving at Nocelle; from where you can either take another bus, or descend on foot all the way to Positano.

Final Thoughts

For those with the time, energy, and desire to explore the Amalfi Coast, there are many lesser-known landscape photography spots in this part of the world that are every bit as stunning as the ones I mention here. But even if you are adventurous and seek the road less traveled, you can use these recommendations as a starting point, no doubt discovering many fantastic views of your own.

Alternatively, if you are in need of high quality landscape photography of Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast, take a look at my photography galleries for a selection of fully licensable high-resolution images.

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