Why Girls Love Selfies


Why girls love selfies 2

Hmmm… why girls love selfies, very interesting.  … Selfies, a word gone agog in today’s world! In a world where the internet rules virtually every aspect of our livelihood; selfies are everywhere….

Yes, everyone takes a selfie or two at one point or the other, most especially in this era of smartphones.  However, it is widely researched that girls  take more selfies and actually enjoy the act.  Why is this so? you might ask…  We  will look into a few reasons why this is…

Girls will be girls anytime and anywhere in the world! What does it mean to be a girl? There are major societal dictates about the girl.  It hangs there in the air whether we acknowledge it or not!

‘A girl is pretty’; This is one societal dictates that is instilled into most girls right from when they are little…  We see this dictate in cartoons, magazines, advertorials, everywhere around us. The girl child grows with this dictate consciously or unconsciously.  Hence, every girl wants to be seen as pretty.

Initially, only a few girls were privileged to be seen in terms of being ‘pretty’; those on television, in adverts, in show business etc,  However, with the emergence of the internet and smartphones,  the world became a global village.  This created greater opportunities for self expression through photos and the advantage of a wider reach was at everyone’s finger tips!

So, we can say girls love to take selfies for a myriad of reasons which have an underlying foundation of the ‘unseen’ societal dictates:

  1. Most girls love to take selfies as it makes them ‘look’ and ‘feel’ glamorous.
  2.  It is a girl’s way of telling and showing the world about their love for themselves; self love.
  3.  Taking selfies is also a way of capturing the moments with friends. 

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